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Thread: Funny World Chat

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    [Alliance]<22:08>[roush24]: damn dude get to bed lol im unemployed so i play this nonstop lol ya i know what a ____
    [Alliance]<22:08>[Lord Lupus]: so u coin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalric View Post
    [Alliance]<22:08>[roush24]: damn dude get to bed lol im unemployed so i play this nonstop lol ya i know what a ____
    [Alliance]<22:08>[Lord Lupus]: so u coin?
    thats a good one, +rep(and not just because i enjoy being quoted in his sig )

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    "[World]<20:36>[SpiderPig]: Quit talking about my milemeter peter."
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    LOL ive actually answerd that last one a couple times

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    [Alliance]<22:41>[Lord Lupus]: what state u in?
    [Alliance]<22:41>[braytak]: franconia
    [Alliance]<22:41>[Lord Lupus]: ah thats why im in bavaria lol

    [Alliance]<22:43>[braytak]: r u cloase to others in the alliance?
    [Alliance]<22:43>[Lord Lupus]: yes
    [Alliance]<22:43>[Lord Lupus]: go east of me a bit
    [Alliance]<22:43>[braytak]: good, you need protection
    [Alliance]<22:43>[braytak]: it would take me forever to send troops, lol

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    World]<10:55>[King Bud]: not too hard shadow I could kill everything in atlantis with one hit

    hard to believe this when he has no troops

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    Default WC

    <16:41>[Timex]: has anyone seen my twinkie?
    <16:41>[Super*****]: Davey he plays with the same thing you play with all the time
    <16:41>[ladyshark]: lmao
    <16:41>[Davey]: lol SB
    <16:42>[Timex]: now my slinkie has gone awal
    <16:42>[Davey]: Your welcome try it if ya want too
    <16:42>[Super*****]: we are talkin troops right a lil soldier

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    Default Wc pt 2

    <16:47>[Davey]: No a baby pike is a jack?? lol
    <16:47>[DrDave]: euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    <16:47>[DrDave]: first Hi BloodGurd wsup
    <16:48>[DrDave]: second i dont even remember these little guys like super*****
    <16:48>[Super*****]: shhhh dont talk to him and bring him back out into WC
    <16:48>[Davey]: lol SB
    <16:49>[DrDave]: SB dady is home go to your bed this game over your age
    <16:49>[DrDave]: before u waant to say yes my english is sux lol
    <16:50>[Davey]: I like bloodguard he is funny !!! lolol
    <16:50>[titus]: meh hes alright
    <16:50>[Super*****]: pffft wtf ever lil man haha find me if you wanna play.... ill show u how much i know about this game
    <16:50>[titus]: lol
    <16:50>[MCK]: i wasnt gonna say it i was however gonna type that your english was horrible
    <16:51>[DrDave]: how much show me lol
    <16:51>[Super*****]: and BG is a lil punk azz lol he dont know how to attack if his life depended on it
    <16:51>[DrDave]: lol so can u show us how to attack
    <16:52>[DrDave]: i have 1 Worker with 10 warrior is it enought for u?
    <16:52>[Super*****]: been known to take a few cities and kill troops
    <16:52>[ladyshark]: glad your doing ok titus :-)
    <16:52>[MCK]: darn thats beeter than my one cav 1 worker and my scout
    <16:53>[Davey]: dam that me out!! lol
    <16:53>[Super*****]: you finally got a cav MCK
    <16:53>[MCK]: yeah i got it when i capped a 1k prestige city
    <16:53>[MCK]: with my worker
    <16:54>[DrDave]: SB can learn how to build cav?
    <16:54>[MCK]: my worker since died though
    <16:54>[Super*****]: you got talent....... i cant teach ya Dr its MCK who has them.... ask him
    <16:54>[Davey]: lol MCK
    <16:54>[MCK]: he blew himself up in the methlab out in the shed by my farms
    <16:54>[Super*****]: lol
    <16:55>[MCK]: couldnt identify him cause meth heads dont have teeth
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    <16:55>[DrDave]: hey MCk i just build workers and warriors its hard to me to build cav plz let me know ur secret
    <16:55>[MCK]: well ya gotta go see the vet...
    <16:56>[MCK]: find a mare
    <16:56>[titus]: ha
    <16:56>[MCK]: then a girly horse and well ya know the fruck and soon after a baby horsey
    <16:56>[MCK]: the end
    <16:57>[Davey]: lol

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    Default WC pt 3

    16:57>[DrDave]: i think u guys just a second BIA
    Lord AFSGIRL gained 1 Adv Tax Policy(worth 280 Cents) from Amulet!
    <16:57>[MCK]: so now that i explained s3x for ya here is my secret
    <16:57>[Timex]: MCK same gender hourses can breed?
    <16:58>[MCK]: alchohol
    Lord AFSGIRL gained 1 Adv Quarrying Tools(worth 50 Cents) from Amulet!
    <16:58>[Super*****]: lmfao mck
    <16:58>[Timex]: yes please
    <16:58>[MCK]: what the fruck do i know about horses i live in the city!!!
    <16:58>[titus]: lol
    <16:58>[Davey]: yeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    <16:58>[Timex]: i do now but i'm from the country.
    <16:58>[MCK]: i know the like apples and sh1t alot

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    Default WC pt 4

    <17:0>[Timex]: i want to move back to my house but i'm stuck in school. here in Daytona Beach
    <17:0>[Davey]: apples= cider good for me!!
    <17:0>[MCK]: man daytona beach .. u must have it rough
    <17:0>[Timex]: i hate it here.
    <17:0>[Davey]: where is that?
    <17:1>[Timex]: Really?
    <17:1>[MCK]: yeah i can see how i would hate it... bikinis, chicks, bikinis, topless chick,... alcohol... the terror
    <17:1>[Timex]: were you from davey?


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