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Thread: Funny World Chat

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    [Alliance]<15:52>[AnnaRose]: Stone, I hate u, never talk to me again!!
    [Alliance]<15:53>[Stone]: That makes me harder than a 2 dollar bag of jawbreakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by PunkWacker View Post
    [Alliance]<15:52>[AnnaRose]: Stone, I hate u, never talk to me again!!
    [Alliance]<15:53>[Stone]: That makes me harder than a 2 dollar bag of jawbreakers
    nice try pud whacker... but i would have said 10 dollar bag of jawbreakers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cedric07 View Post
    They shut down my account!
    I have had it with Evony's double standards in its rules.

    The big coiners do have Alts, and they do have Bot's and they are allowed to sell Accounts!!

    I will never a pay a penny to Evony!!

    Evony are Asian thugs!!
    No one cares what you will or wont do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajjkant View Post
    That's really amazing. I like this.
    camp kanatal
    this smells like a spambot..

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    Default World Chat

    [Lucas1111]: Do you respect your dad?

    [RivenDale]: no hes a lesbian

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    <7:18>[Von*]: Just returned to game. Recovering from a bout with cancer. Been on this server for 6 years. Only one full level 10 city left. Need an alliance
    <7:18>[Morley]: funny that!!!
    <7:18>[Morley]: evony is not even 4 years old!!
    <7:19>[Von*]: World 2 is over 4 years old. I am a Prinzessin on na1 & na18
    <7:21>[Morley]: von is so new the name does nto show up in the statisstics!! (spell S. P. Y.)
    <7:22>[DareDevil]: lols thats the funniest thing ive heard in the whole of my life time playing evony
    <7:22>[Von*]: My full name was censored by Evony years ago & Made it just Von. I do not show up in reports
    <7:23>[DareDevil]: and im superman
    <7:23>[Zoggey]: Well i can vouch for Von and i know he has been around since the start, but hes no spy, but he is mistaken, evony just 3 yrs old
    <7:23>[Zoggey]: Good to see you back Von, glad your well and it all worked out ok
    <7:24>[Von*]: Thanks! Now I just want to get back to the game & have a little fun.
    <7:24>[DareDevil]: wow another dweeb lols they get better and better i think you need to join age 2 they might believe you there...
    <7:25>[DareDevil]: you sure you wasnt playing Age of the Empires lols
    <7:26>[Calugula]: vonschlong?
    <7:26>[Theodore]: daredevil has been playing evony for the whole of her life. she is 3 years old lol

    Alliance= Rave Rank 3

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    LOL ive actually answerd that last one a couple times
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    [Alliance]<00:12>[LadyDeath]: Me love you long time for your 14!!!
    [Alliance]<00:12>[ReMade]: How bout 2 10"s and 100mill food?
    [Alliance]<00:13>[LadyDeath]: That will only get you 10mins
    [Alliance]<00:13>[ReMade]: thats 9 and 1/2 more than I need!!!
    [Alliance]<00:13>[LadyDeath]: Ha!!

    People sleep safely in there homes at night because brave men stand ready to do violence on their behalf

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    <23:5>[aaarg]: but i do like weed lol
    <23:6>[Jaz]: i hate f#kin weeds
    <23:6>[9]: me too prefer to f#k women
    <23:6>[Buddymia]: i never F#cked one

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    Keep it clean folks, please.


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