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Thread: Funny World Chat

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    A bit more...
    <21:12>[baningyourgf]: im fat
    <21:12>[gavman]: 3e
    <21:12>[jeremyjames]: i made a bulding

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    finding Out.Wherever that is?


    <21:15>[Dextraco]: hey guys, im out of npcs to farm, can anyone make osme more npcs for me ? dont npc my city, but the flats and other city around me, thanks
    [hiddenspy]: i need alliance can i join someone alliance plzzz
    <21:15>[Batman]: so, enlighten us
    <21:15>[Gabe78]: im not that ignorant
    <21:16>[ROFL]: insecurity can do that to you bman
    <21:16>[Gabe78]: can i ask why oferfsake was banned from chat?
    <21:16>[Jinz]: i'm wearing a batman suit now
    <21:16>[ROFL]: probably because he used a word that Evony didn't alow
    <21:17>[Jinz]: sitting in front of my desktop playing evony

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    <15:15>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: twas the day before christmas, and all through desolus' city
    <15:15>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: the cavalry was coming, his population was feeling mighty s##tty
    <15:16>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: as he hung up the surrender flag that he handled with care
    <15:16>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: in hope that beavis's army would vanish in thin air
    <15:17>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: but that won't happen according to the reports
    <15:17>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: as desolous is fckd, unless he teleports
    <15:18>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: he can beg he can plead, but beavis is pi$$ed
    <15:19>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: no way to contact beavis, for he is on the blocked list
    <15:19>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: so desolus is doomed, he quivers and shakes
    <15:19>[Beavis of Buttmunch]: but it serves him right, for stealing beavis' lakes

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    Rofl. That was genius lol.
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    <22:54>[Jamie Godess of Flame]: anyone wanna talk right now? im not feeling nice, im feeling naughty

    <22:57>[Patrick Chewing]: i had 16k transpoters sent at me yesterday
    [hoopa]: how comes one of my citys has disapeard

    [Matthewm]: ok how do you get more people i used a Civil code and they already left

    [wcla]: what is the password to abandon a city

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    Default This just poped up on world chat

    <19:25>[Judas]: can i join any allience
    <19:28>[Judas]: i have 200k prestige
    <19:29>[Flip]: best thing to do is to look at the alliance list and click view and it will say if you need a certain prestige
    <19:31>[scooperty]: judas your name fills everyone with confidence

    i think he's got a point there ...
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    Default Silly Guy

    <17:44>[ThomasII]: I builded a cottage what's next?
    <17:46>[ThomasII]: I said what's next!
    <17:46>[chris]: Build another one
    <17:47>[ThomasII]: what's next?
    <17:47>[chris]: type: "i am a noob and i need help"
    <17:47>[ThomasII]: <17:47>[chris]: type: "i am a noob and i need help"
    <17:48>[chris]: Noobs are smart these days
    <17:48>[ThomasII]: Who is a noob?
    <17:49>[chris]: u see any ppl other than you?
    <17:49>[ThomasII]: I see chris and ThomasII (wondering who is chris)


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    [truelover19]: I found my man on here!!!!!!! Im so excuted

    um huh
    [hoopa]: how comes one of my citys has disapeard

    [Matthewm]: ok how do you get more people i used a Civil code and they already left

    [wcla]: what is the password to abandon a city

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    am now mobile with my new laptop xD


    lol that is funny

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    This is from a game similar to Evony.

    [sandy1981]:how to make more level of farm
    [sandy1981]:for which blueprint is needede
    [sandy1981]:plz tell how to make blueprint
    [sandy1981]:how much army is needed to go for battle
    [sandy1981]:i donot have even one soldier
    [EssenAndrew]::sandy read the manuals
    [sandy1981]:i donot get from where i shall read mannual
    You said to [sandy1981]:push "Ctrl" and "F4" on your keyboard


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