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Thread: I would have actually paid...

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    Default I would have actually paid...

    a few dollars for some early startup coin. But if I have to pay civony money every time I want to attack someone or conquer a valley, forget it.

    Do you know how fast someone can blow through 500 ingame dollars? Within a week!

    So your hardcore Civony players you expect them to pay hundreds of dollars per week to play your web browser flash based MMO?

    Ill keep feeding blizzard and CCP my 15$ a month. At least they don't charge me to 'play' beyond the subscription.

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    I've conquered quite a bit... hasn't cost me a cent.

    Perhaps you should look around the game more?

    P5OT!! Quit hating and join, you will eventually.

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    I've yet to have to pay for attacking ANYTHING and I've attacked just about every last tile around my city.

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    You only have to pay coins if you are attacking another player.

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    Default Ccp

    EVE Online FTW.

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    Supposebly that is just a bug and it is being fixed.

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    Default bugs

    I'm more concerned with getting my heroes back than I am with the attack bug. As long as you don't click war ensign, you don't pay to attack. You are trying to pay for an item when you click that button.

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    there are several threads now about "pay to attack" and all seem to lead to the same conclusion...people are checking the WAR ENSIGN box and dont realize that if you dont have one (it's an item) then the game will try to sell you one.

    so many people just pushing buttons and fiddling with knobs without understanding how things work...sheesh

    seriously, there are problems, but let's make sure it's really broke before we stir people up...THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING...hehe

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    oh yeah, and the "pay to attack another player" rumor is just that, a rumor.

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    they are probably fixing that thing, we dont need to pay to attack (heard that from someone)


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