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Thread: How do I get my prestige up fast?

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    Default How do I get my prestige up fast?

    My army got smashed and then my prestige dropped from 8000 to 200. I can't attack other valleys for now so is there any way to get my prestige up quick?

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    Build, build and build....warriors for starters..

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    Since building takes a while, raise your prestige by building or upgrading the things that don't take a large amount of time. Perform research in your academy, too (also on short-time projects). The more you build/research, the more your prestige will raise.

    There doesn't seem to be a definitive guide on prestige, unfortunately, so it is something of a puzzle as to how it raises (point value, incrementally, etc.) by performing certain functions (i.e., building, upgrading, researching).

    For example, this is my 3rd day of game-play, I have over 11k prestige, and all I've done is work on basics in my town (building in-town and out-of-town for resources and population) and performed as many of the quests as I have been capable of doing.

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    I've noticed that if you build 1 pikeman, you get 1 prestige.
    But if you build 10 you get 8 prestige.
    I don't think there is a real clear-cut formula for figuring it out.


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