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Thread: A Guide to Heroes

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    Text A Guide to Heroes

    I am aware that there is already one guid out there, however i think this explains a more advanced strategy in using heroes and is slightly more elaborative.

    Heroes are the ones that can make a real difference to your success and I will try and explain how to use them most efficiently.

    How to hire a hero

    First of all you will need an Inn of Level 1, which then allows you to build your Feasting Hall. The Inn is the place where you can find new heroes, and the Feasting Hall is where they live once you hired them. For each level it is upgraded, the Feasting Hall offers space for 1 more hero.
    In order to recruit a new hero you must select your Inn and a list of Heroes that are available will appear. What you should be looking at are the 3 main attributes of each hero:

    Politics, Attack and Intelligence (These attributes are explained further down in more detail)

    You will want to hire a hero that has at least 60-70 or more in one of his attributes. Don’t get blinded by the level, as that is only secondary. In fact you often get low level heroes that have better attributes then high level heroes.

    A hero who has about 30-40 for all his attributes is pretty much worthless. So go and recruit one that has at least 60-70 as one of his attributes.

    Now let’s explain what those attributes do. First of all you only gain benefits from a hero's attributes if you have appointed him as a Mayor! (see Rotation section for more)


    Early on this is probably the most useful attribute for your first hero. Politics serves two purposes.
    It decreases the time needed to construct a building and also increases your resource production. In fact your production is increased in percentage by the level of the attribute.

    For example a hero with 50 for his Politics will increase your production by 50%. That is, if you used to produce 1000 units you will now produce 1500 units. Once again this only applies if your hero with high Politics is your mayor.


    This also serves two purposes. It decreases your troop training time and when you send your hero on an attack with your troops it will increase your attack strength slightly.


    If you have a hero with high intelligence appointed as a mayor, it will significantly decrease the time it takes to research something.


    A hero’s salary is LVL*20Gold per hour. So a hero level 10 will cost 200 gold per hour.


    The higher a hero’s loyalty the more difficult he is to catch for your opponents.

    Upgrading your hero

    Over time your hero will gain experience, and then you can go to the Feasting Hall, select your hero and click upgrade. This will allow you to distribute one attribute point per level.

    When you upgrade your hero, only ever increase the strongest attribute. If your hero has politics 75 and attack 30, there is no point at all in increasing the attack attribute.

    If you can, use holy water to redistribute a high level hero’s attributes to his best one.

    Using your heroes efficiently by Rotation

    Ideally, you will want to have at least 3 heroes. One with high politics, one with high intelligence, and one with high attack. The politics and intelligence heroes will always stay at home, whereas the attack hero will often get sent out. Later on you should have several attack heroes.

    Now by default, your hero with high Politics should be your mayor.

    However when you are about to start researching something, appoint your hero with high intelligence as mayor. Then you will see that the research time got decreased by quite a bit. Once you have started the research, go back to Feasting Hall and put your Politics guy as mayor again immediately.

    The same goes when wanting to train troops. Put you Attack hero in charge until you have given the training order, and then reappoint your Politics hero as mayor.

    That way, you will constantly be producing high amounts of resources and have the time boosts for training and researching when you need them.


    • Hire a hero with one high attribute!
    • Only upgrade the strongest attribute!
    • Politics = More production and faster building times
    • Attack = Faster troop training and slight attack increase
    • Intelligence = Faster research
    • Rotate your mayor for the right bonus at the right time!

    I hope this is useful! Please comment if there is anything you feel needs adding/amending.


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    Cool guide --- Get the AnswersYou need!!

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    Kewl, Thank you.
    I just can't seem to be able to allocate the attrib pts where I want to. It always wants to select the weakest one. How do I go about changing w/o using Holy water?

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    on the hero stats page there are 4 red pluses next to each attribute, when you gain a levle through upgrading your hero, you can raise one attribute by 1 point.
    You can only redistribute using holy water unfortuantely.

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    Whats the highest attribute a level one could have? I'm in search of a few perfect level 1's to powerlevel.

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    i wish i found this guide earlier....

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    Added this guide to the Libray, you can see the Library in this forum as a sticky.

    Thanks for the guide, Cheers.

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    cheerrs and no problem, glad i could help!

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    Very useful, thank you. I have two questions though.

    1. Can you redistribute all points, or only the ones assigned through upgrades. (I.e. Could I make a hero that was originally 40/40/42 into a 120/1/1 instead?)

    2. What is the maximum value for one stat for a lvl1 hero?

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    very nice and clear.

    Does a hero's loyalty do anything for the town?

    If not should you only raise loyalty for attack heros?

    Have you done anything on starting a new town?

    Again, thanks for the effort you put in.


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