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Thread: Trade

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    well trade cash shop itums as well

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    Trading with Alliance members is a great idea. You should be able to use the market as is, or trade with your allies. There should be a definate benefit in doing so, either cheaper or quicker or both.

    I also agree that items should be able to be traded between alliance members. Equal value for equal value would be fairest. For example, I'll never change the name of my lord but some one might want to and they'll have dynamite they dont need etc....

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    what would be a reason for direct trade of resources between players, rather than one using the market to sell and the other to buy?
    assuming they were trying to buy/sell for market value, direct trade is not necessary.
    trading for other than market value could be exploited.

    trading ITEMS is a different matter, I would support an auction house, but doubt we will see one.
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