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Thread: Satan's COMPLETE guide(remastered)

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    Good for food not for gold

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    Having a bit of a problem w/the updated rose hunting theory. I attacked the same lvl10 flat on consecutive attacks in an hour interval & the second AND third time there were cavs there. Anyone else experiencing issues with this?

    Well I went around & just found a crapton of lvl10 flats & DID get one after a few hours of back & fourth (I only have 2 100+atk heroes so far). BUT, HERE WE ARE!!!

    And they are pouring in. Two in the last few hours. Last one a courage, THIS one a rose!

    That is two crosses & 1 rose today so far!
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    Thanks for the updated info and taking the time to explain all of it. Comes in handy from time to time. Keep up the great work =D

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    Default Exp gained from creating troops

    One of the big issues with politics mayors is the difficulty in getting them to level. Generally, they have incredibly low attack stats and so you can't really send them out to attack level 10 npcs. Once all the researches are complete, the only way to level them is to have them be mayor when troops finish training.

    Have you considered adding to the troop training portion of the guide how much experience is gained by training each type of troop? Thus if you are trying to level a particular politics hero, you know which city is the optimal one for them to be in to max their experience.

    Based on limited observation, it appears that archers don't really give a lot of experience for training mass quantities.

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    okay question, if i sent 2 waves of 90k wars, would that be a good move or a bad move to help me take down a lvl 10 npc
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    Love the guide - have it bookmarked and refer to it often.

    Have a suggestion regarding new cities. How about a guide to where and how to build them. I realize there is no hard and fast rule to this, but some guidance to those getting ready to build their 2nd city would be good.

    Close to your first or really far away?
    What's important to build first, second, etc.
    And the answer to my biggest question (just can't find it anywhere) - do you have to research everything again??? for your new cities or does the research share across cities? If so, is there something that needs to be build to a certain level to share? The thought of waiting another 256 hours for archery 10 just makes me angry.

    Thanks for the help!!
    btw - I miss your duck.

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    No the cities will share tech as long as the academy in the new cities are the correct level.

    Eg your first city might have archery at level 10, but the other cities do not get it until they have an academy that can access archery ie lv4

    Until then beside archery in the academy you would see

    Lv 10 CT 0

    Meaning you have researched level 10 but current city has that tech at 0

    Infact in that city you could not even build archers in the correct level of barracks until the academy was 4 and any archers reinforced to that city would suddenly find they forgot all their training and where base range.
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    I think my biggest question right now is there, at any point in time, when you can work on building/ upgrading two or more structures at the same time in one city?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cody12 View Post
    okay question, if i sent 2 waves of 90k wars, would that be a good move or a bad move to help me take down a lvl 10 npc
    No! Always couple warriors with archers.

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    Yeah hourly attacks don't work out to well.


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