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    Text How To Control The Market

    First of all if you are one person trying to drive the price up or down on one thing it won't work. You will need a lot of people to do this.

    You will need at least 100 people to do this.
    People don't realize that buyers and sellers are the price controllers If you want to drive the price down you need you and your friends to all start buying and selling at the price ou want it to be. if people want to sell their resources then they will have to start selling at that you are selling at as the buyers will see that they can get the resources they want at a lower price and jump on that opportunity,

    To drive the price up all you need is a bunch of your friends. You and your friends should all have a lot of money. All of you will have to start buying at the price you want it to be around and then the sellers will see how high your buying at and they will sell their resources at that price and if anyone else wants resources they will buy at that price as well.

    If you have questions please ask them.

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    The guide name should be: The things that people already know, but I'm stupid enough to post about it Guide

    EDIT: It also doesn't work. Because first, you only have 100 people and they'll WASTE their gold trying to change price. Then people will still sell lumber for the same price.
    For example, Lumber used to be 8 p/u but it dropped to 6.5
    I still easily sell it for 8 p/u per night, prices change very quickly. So before you actually try and make a guide, why don't you try it? Because I doubt you found 100 people with 100M gold each stupid enough to believe you.

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    this is true to a degree but later on in the game this will not apply

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    though i dont think its possible to control prices indefinitely i know its possible to drive it up or down for the day.

    from personal experience it isn't that difficult. you just need more resources than most people have. the key thing is to stock up in resources rather than gold, as 1 gold will be worth 1 gold the next day. but 1 lumber maybe worth 1 gold today and 2 gold tomorrow.

    personally i'll house 1b wood and iron as well as a few b of food in 2-3 cities which have lv 10 markets. from this you can easily change the flow of the market. and just about 1b gold

    would write a little walkthrough, but not in the mood right now.

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    Morning time seems to be the lowest of the day.


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