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    The Problem: I just lost a city that I've spent weeks building up. I lost the city in about an hour while I wasn't on. Obviously we can't be here 24/7 but it should take far longer to conquer a city than 1 hour. The opponent simply attacked once with a hero and 1 scout, lost but got to see everything I had, then he attacked with a massive force taking out everything I had (the city was well defended). After that he sent in 4-5 heros with nothing but scouts so they would get to my city very quickly until the city flipped which took very little time.

    The Fix: It seems to me the major fighting should occur in the valleys, nobody is going to like putting that much time into a city and loosing it, especially that quickly. I myself have a good mind to quit and just try another server if not quit alltogether. Wall defences should be permanent. Meaning everytime an opponent attacks your wall defenses will be there inflicting casualties. This eleminates the option of just sending a few scouts over and over to take a city within an hour, it will be a long gruelling fight to take a defended city, however not impossible (as it should be). The cost for wall units may need to be adjusted to reflect this new utility.

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    You are only confirming my fears here..
    This game is unplayable if it's a lottery of who gets snipered by 100 man gank squads, leaving a week in the toilet with no way to recover befor they come back for the next feeding.

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    Yes, currently it's horrible...on top of the problems I mentioned above after the first successful attack you loose all of your gold and all resources beyond what your warhouse can hold (and they can't hold nearly enough to matter). Since your city is lost within an hour after breaching your defenses you can't even possibly make new defenses due to the ridiculously long times it takes to train troops.

    Fixes: Most of these are obvious, but I feel it's wrong to bring up problems without solutions.

    Increase the storage capacity of warhouses
    Allow warhouses to protect gold (it's a resource)

    Still far more important is the fix in the original post, basicly it should be at least as hard to take a city as it is to build that city from scratch, if not harder otherwise you shoot yourself in the foot by greatly discouraging new players who don't stand a chance against the vast armies waiting for them.

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    i rebut a city in France in world war 2 was taken in 12 mins of war time by the Nazis(though it did take 3 months to get it back) a well planed attack that is all you got, plus this is a PVP sugar coting it will only make the game boring i would love to log on one day seen all my city's taken and me with nothing having to restart at least i know what not to do next time
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    If you dont want to lose your city, make sure you have your city fortified with allies. Use the truce agreements if your allies start a war. Also, dont group your cities close together. If you do, the other player knows he can take it and will try harder.
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    Truce lasts 12 hours, so protects you durring that time. I have no problem with being able to take cities, but you should not be able to take them so're not on 24/7 a city should take at least a day to take, this way everyone has a chance to log in and do something. Fortifying it won't help, as long as your opponent(s) can win one fight, your city is gone. The fact that it can easily be conquered within an hour means your allies can't help you unless they are very close because your city will be gone long before they get there.

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    Default Taking city changes need to be made.

    I agree that taking cities is too easy. My thoughts are that first that if gates are closed on a city they should automatically open and let troops fight if loyalty drops to 25% or so. I also think that wall fortifications should be permanent but once torn down should regenerate say 10% of total built every 10 to 15 minutes or so. This might keep scout spam attacks down as well as still make it possible to take the city using waves of heavier troops that would have to fight wall defenses occasionally. Just my two cents on the issue.

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    If you take a city that has troops in it and gates closed do you get the troops or are they destroyed?

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    you have to fight the troops eventually and destroy them before a city can be for the origonal idea if they make it TOO hard to take then people wont bother . i would instead propose that you can only lose up to 50% of your defenses on any given wave untill you get reduced to 5 defences period. this still makes it possibe to take but it would be over a longer period of time


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