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Thread: Idea's for Improvement of the game.

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    Default Idea's for Improvement of the game.

    Hello, Names Jibriel, friends call me jibby or jizzy.

    Here is a list of things i feel would benefit the game.

    - Construction Que.

    -Add a feature that allows up to 10 buildings to be que'd

    PvP City Mechanic change.

    Repeated Attacks, New attack options

    -New feature: Add a real time Combat Generate that allows us to control units in battle.

    -New feature: Add Population in the cities.

    -Add New Option : Plunder city - Allows for plundering of a city. Would be located in the menu when you click on a city via world map.
    -Add New Option : Conquer city - Allows for conquering of a city. Would be located in the menu when you click on a city via world map.


    -Mechanic Change : Abatis now kills troops at a 1:1 Ratio, Any none Siege-Weapon troop type
    -Mechanic Change : Siege weapons now can kill traps.

    Counter list changes

    The following is a change of how the counter list should work.

    -Mechanic Change : Swordsmen Counter: Workers, Warriors
    -Mechanic Change : Calvery Counters: Archers
    -Mechanic Change : Archers counter: swordsmen
    -Mechanic Change : Pikemen counters: Calvery
    -Mechanic Change : Cataphrat: Weak to Pikemen; Offensive bonus to all other units.


    -Mechanic Change : Ballista Counters: Units
    -Mechanic Change : Catapult Gain Bonus Damage To Towers
    -Mechanic Change : Battering Ram Gains Bonus damage to walls, Archer towers. Weakness to Logs, Rocks.
    -Mechanic Change : Walls now are breakable, If breached, The troops no longer need to enter through the door but can respectfully use the breach.

    -World map changes

    -Mechanic Change : When attacking a node owned by another player, A notification will display alarming other players its owned by someone else.

    -Mechanic Change : Reduce the clutter of cities, Forests, Hills Etc.
    -Mechanic Change : Create a new title type that gives no bonuses other then conquest rewards ("plains")

    -Resource Mechanic changes

    -Mechanic Change : Increase Tax Income Per % of Tax on city by 25%. Meaning, If you gain 1,00 gold from 1 % Tax rate now, increase it to 1250 per 1% now

    -Mechanic Change : Declaring war should now cost 100,000 Gold. Further, Addition War declarations should cost additional 100% ( Double ) Its previous Cost.
    ( this prevents strong alliances from abusing newer alliances, players ect )

    -Mechanic Change : Alliance Creation should now cost Baronet Title, And 50,000 Gold.

    -Mechanic Change : City Defenses should be lowered slightly on Level 1-4 Cities, Raised slightly on 5-10 Cities.
    -Mechanic Change : Troops should have the same build time. which should be around 250 per hour.

    Trading system
    -Structure Add : "Traders Post". This building will generate gold automatically. The amount of gold will be based on the distance from one city to the next. Trade routes will be picked by players. Traders Post building level will increase the amount of trade routes that can be active at once.
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    it woudl be really nice if the chances of recieving medals were greatly increased in some manner, either by redesigning the scale of probability to be modular to the ratio of the number of troops the enemy has vs the number of troops used to kill them. In that way 11% chances could reach near 100% chances upon winning, given that the number of units sent was smaller than the number of units defending. I think this would be a great and easy way to increase chances without creating an unstable game where players could be in 5-7 cities in a few days. This would require more intellect on behalf of the player, but would prove quite helpful in getting medals easier without having to go to shop.

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    It would be nice if you allowed the players to sell stuff they will not or do not want to use so they could buy stuff they do want.

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    Construction Queue - It's been suggested dozens of times on here. I don't believe any further comment is needed.

    Repeated Attacks - I think that new players would find these new rules even worse on them in many cases. If the current system is replaced with a conquer option, then veteran players will have an easier time keeping newer players down by conquering and abandoning their expansion citiies.

    Abatis - I have found the balance on them to be pretty good. They are strong enough and cavalry is expensive enough that I seldom see cavalry used, and never see Cataphracts used.

    Counter List Changes - Not sure what this adds to the game?

    Flags on conquered valleys - I think this mostly would equal more lag. People can click on valleys and read.

    Resource Mechanic Changes - I don't think you understand the current mechanics, and I don't think the suggestions improve the game.

    Trading post - Unneeded complexity in my book. Doesn't really add much to the strategy of the game. I think the designers should be very wary of adding any new building or unit types.

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    I dont think you understand the current tax system:
    Gold per population should be changed from 3 pop to 1 gold / hour to 2 pop per 1 gold per hour
    No, that isnt at all how it works, its the rate of taxation. If you wat 2:1 then tax at 50%

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    Other than the marker for the vallies(Been Suggested,)I can't say I care for any of the ideas suggested.
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    Further, the game should not allow for endless and repeated attacks against a village. You should have different options when attacking it, Including but not limited to "plunder, transport, reinforce, and conquer".
    This isnt such a bad idea. I for one would love to keep one of the cities nea me a lovely little farm for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Arumen View Post
    I dont think you understand the current tax system:

    No, that isnt at all how it works, its the rate of taxation. If you wat 2:1 then tax at 50%
    At the moment it factors to be about 1/3 of your population.

    city one i have 16k people, and make 4.3k gold
    city two i have 10 k people and i make 3k gold ish.
    granted my tax factors yet, but what i ment is the conversion rate needs to be changed to a poplation to Gold ration. I dont really know how to word what i want to say.

    In short, the tax rev should be increased by 20-30% of its current rate ( not that actual rate rate in the city, but the amount per a % generated )

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    Taxes are collected at Population X Tax Rate.

    If you set your tax rate to 50%, you will get 1 gold per 2 population. There is no reason to adjust the system. If you want to maximize gold, set taxes to 50% and then build cottages. I'm not to the point where I'm tearing down cottages because I don't need all the gold I bring in.

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    How would cav. Defeat archers? Archers shoot arrows... Cav have to be close range, it makes no sense.


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