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Thread: Idea's for Improvement of the game.

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    This is a common misconception.
    Increasing your tax rate to 50% will eventually at some point decrease the revenue you gain as opposed to 20% or 30%.

    The reason why is population is factored here. If you increase to 50% you lose population, which means you are taxing less people. Eventually, The population will grow to a degree that it would be more efficient with 30 or even 20% then it was with 50%.

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    You dont watch many middle ages movies do you?

    cav move after then the archers. because of the large amounts of range, and that archers are "long range" sort of artil instead of close "range" none melee, they often cant hit calv.

    so basically the cav are very unlikely to die, tell they are in "close firing range"

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    Actually, the way taxes work is very simple, and reduction in population only happens to a fixed point.

    Maximum Population (MaxPop)= Number based on number of cottages
    Loyalty = Will move towards a factor of 100-tax rate
    Tax Rate = Set at the town hall
    Population = Will move towards Max Populatoin X Loyalty

    First, you mix up the terms population and maximum population. Taxes are based on population. You are correct that population drops or rises based on your tax rate because taxes will determine your equilibrium loyalty.

    50% tax scenario
    Loyalty = 100% -50% = 50%
    Population = Loyalty x MaxPop = 50% X MaxPop
    Taxes = 50% x Population = 50% X 50% x MaxPop = .25 x MaxPop

    20% tax scenario
    Loyalty = 100% -20% = 80%
    Population = Loyalty x MaxPop = 80% X MaxPop
    Taxes = 20% x Population = 20% X 80% x MaxPop = .16 x MaxPop

    The 50% tax rate will give you a better return than 20% taxes by a pretty significant amount. Please work with your tax rates in the game, and you'll find that 50% gives you the maximum long term income. (If you do babysitting, you can get even more.)

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    what if instead of real time combat, we simply implement basic tactical formations. where the position of troops on deployment (i.e. before you click march from the prompt) is based on either simple geometry, or based on researchable formations. Something like blocks would be abel to represent cohorts/units as a group of soldiers, figuring in some simple numbers to denote a full cohort of sowrds, ect. Then their placement on the field would determine how efficient either sides' bonuses turned out... Not complicated, but unique to the strategy idea.

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    On calvary defeating archers: look at my combat issues post. I explain it there.

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    Everything you say should be 100% sure of adding to the game IF it wasn't used by Ikariam or some other strategy webgames. We should let the administrator time to figure out a different way but based on the original suggest.


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