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Thread: Newbie protection countdown

  1. Default Newbie protection countdown

    we really need this for pple like me who are building up their forces and not planning to leave the protection until they are kicked out.

    Lets see, you have X# of days or "Protection expires on ##-##-#### at ##:##" as you hover over the icon. That way one knows that its time to get off their duff and work extra hard :P.

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    There's alrdy is a timer, you have a week.

    There needs to be a system in place to limit the ability for bigger players to attack the smaller ones.

    Based on prestige..

    From 0-30k, Attacked by 5k-
    From 30-60k, Attacked by 10k-
    From 60-100k, Attacked by 25k-
    From 100-200k, Attacked by 75k-
    200+ you are an experienced player and are now free to take on the world.
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    i know but it doesnt tell you how long you have left, or if it does then I dont see it


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