I have a idea for the medals system to make the game better.

For every time you attack someone you win, you gain medal pointsand every time you attack someone and lose you lose points, (defending does not add or re-move). Depending on the difficulty will make you lose or gain so many points.


If you attack someone that is weaker than you, you can gain 1-10 points(it is your choice)but if you attack someone stronger than you, you can get maybe up to 100 points depending on how strong they are.

With these points you can spend them on medals.


cross medals cost 2 points each, rose medals cost 5, and lion medals cost 15. Where as the lower medals cost less and the higher medals cost more.

I also have a idea on how it means by how hard they are.

Trap will add 1 difficulty point for each one and rock fall will add maybe 100 for each one.

each level of wall will add 500 points.

defending worker will add 1 point and cataphract will add 150 for each one

But your troops will deduct points.


attacking worker will deduct 1 difficulty points and cataphract will deduct 150 points (everything for the points is your choice)