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    Default simulator

    we need a simulator to work out what happens in our attacks

    Here is one for another game called ogame

    You simply put in the important stats and army and it caculates rough estimates of losses/resources plundered.
    You simply copy your report in and it does the rest - English version -

    this is for the game

    Please let me know your though'ts but a need for a simulator is much needed
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    Well they have the exercise in the rally spot but I dont belive it takes into calculation the modifiers from the academy etc.

    Can someone please provide solid information on the Exercise in the Rally Spot?

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    This should be in the great mind section, and as was said above we have a simulator, thread moved to appropriate location.

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    the simulator in rally spot misses a lot

    One defences - two resources of the person ure attacking - three speed to land at the defenders town/city - four - Taking in techs into consideration - five resources that you can plunder and how many workers/transports it will take

    Take a look at the simulator I mentioned . Thanks for moving this

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    Im in favor of a better calculator

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    ill say it misses alot. I Just ran an exercise 500 archers against War:576 Swords:130 Calvary:61 and it had my archers wiping them out without single loss of an archer. So I sent my archers to the valley with my best hero and my archers got wiped out. All they lost was their cavalry and a few swords. This is not counting my + 30% to attack and defense and 60% to range I'm supposed to have.

    Is there anything in this game that works correctly?
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