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    We are often asked in this forum how to become Moderator. I will take it upon myself to shed a little more light on the matter.

    Moderators are nominated by those currently performing the task. So it's really a matter of building reputation. And I don't mean the little scales on the right top corner of posts either! I mean real reputation.
    Start interesting threads. Be helpful to fellow members. Don't troll. State your opinions strongly but with respect. Never be afraid of a little humor and fun but NOT at other's expense. Be yourself. A good command of English is a must.
    One of us will notice you and start the nomination process. The final word doesn't reside with us. The first word often does.

    So you see, it's really quite simple. Be yourself, be involved. That's all.

    But now I must ask you a question.

    Why? Why do you want to be Moderator?

    Is it because of the added stature and weight around the forum the title brings? Is it to be part of some "elite"?
    To be sure, those things exist and are real. Only a fool or blind man will not acknowledge their existence, and I like to think I'm neither.

    But if those are your primary reasons to wish to be a Mod, you had better forget it.

    For you see, being Moderator is first and foremost a job. And a responsibility.

    It is work.

    Moving threads and posts, deleting, editing, being on the lookout for trolls, killing Spambots, trying to get to know as many members as possible so you can judge their behavior fairly, preventing brawls when possible, answering tons of VMs and PMs, trying to keep an even temper (one of my most grievous failings...), participating in the community...

    And being responsible to the community. And the site directors.

    For absolutely no compensations. No money. No game coins. No advantage of any sort. And more often than not, being resented for doing your job.


    Nothing but the friendships formed, both with Directors, fellow Moderators and within the community. And the satisfaction of a job well done,sometimes...

    And all that to be done in your free time.

    Think about it. If you cannot devote what free time you have to a job such as I've described above, than Moderator is not for you.

    If you can however, then I highly recommend it! I personally feel this is the most satisfying job I have had in a long time. Why? I just love my fellow members of the human race. That's why. And that, in my mind, is truly the test of the job.

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