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Thread: The Ultimate Guide

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    Kalent is right because when u start of u got to have a lvl 2 quarry or u cant build your walls. But this was still a really good guide wich helped me alot on SS152

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    I play on a super server. It has had 3 merges. I medal farm occasionlly and get a medal 50% of the time. Just have to attack a lvl 9 or 10 Swamp with 25K Archers, 1 warrior, Scout, Pike and Sword. Must have an Intel Hero of 62 or more. As I said, the drop rate it massive.

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    I love this guide so much
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    only thing i got is in age 1 i can see the use for so many cottages but age 2 you should have at least 20 racks average per city. once your hero gets a much higher attack later on then perhaps dropping racks for more cottages

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    Hey! lol
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