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Thread: Medal Feedback

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    Default Medal Feedback

    I've closed the other topic since its 20 pages long.

    This topic is for medal feedback.


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    here's my experience in case it helps anyone else:

    Attacking lvl 2 and 3 lakes

    1 hour and 50 minutes

    50 Attacks

    6 Cross Medals
    7 Lion Medals
    4 Rose Medals

    About a 1 in 3 chance which ain't bad, if you have the time.

    Lost about 2200 scouts during the first 40 attacks, the scout spam portion of the experiment. Now it's taking about 6 minutes for each attack since I'm using regular troops.

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    100+ attacks, two medals. What the heck?

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    I'm at about 40% at the moment which I am more then fine with.

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    What level to they consider each Medal to be, so we know what level valley / city to look in?

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    IF anyone has gotten an honor medal please tell me the Valley or flat lvl or NPC city

    So far in 65 attacks I have gotten....

    8 lion medals 4 rose and 7 cross That is from a lvl 6 Mountain...So it would seem that these are the main medals...I have yet to get a honor medal
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    Honor and lion medals drop like mad off level 1 barbarian towns.
    Drop rate is much improved.

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    I got an honor medal off a lvl 9 grasslands this morning.

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    4 attacks lvl 1 npc towns: nothing
    5 attacks lvl 4-6 lakes: nothing
    3 attacks lvl 6 forest: nothing
    1 attack lvl 5 hill: nothing

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    Level 6 Grassland - scout spamming

    Rose - 11
    Lion - 2
    Cross - 2
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