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Thread: Rose metals

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    Default Rose metals

    Question is where to find rose metals here, plenty of lion and others to be found in lvl8 valleys and above but the low level metals are a no show. not for me or anyone in my alliance so far. im ok with them being rough to find but i dont want to waste my time farming the wrong spots. ive hit valleys 1-5 for days with no result.

    am i digging in the wrong spot?
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    *Yes, i wait till they regenerate
    *Yes, i used the take and abandon routine

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    Do NOT have to conquer valley in order to get medals. Can have full valleys, and simply attack them.

    Best results from higher valleys 9-10s, scout a few and if u want no losses, do not attack ones with cav/archers.

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    id go attacking lvl 1-3 valleys..though they do take forever to find. conquering and abandoning would be the best strategy

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    For no losses, use 50 archers for level 1 valley, 100 archers for level 2, and 200 archers for level 3. If you have enough archers and heroes you can set up multiple attacks. Conquer then abandon before the next wave hits. Some suggest doing these attacks within 10 second intervals, so you'll need to find a valley that's right next door to your city.

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    I actually find them in lvl 5 and 6 valleys - mainly Swamp and Deserts - I've been recording them and they seem to be found once every 3 or 4 days........
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    I'd say hitting low level valleys are useless. Hit high levels instead.

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    If you are on a newer server (>=55), then the drop rate for medals is only 1%. Forget everything you've read in the those wonderful guides about farming medals -- those are for the older servers.

    The way to earn medals is to attack lvl 8-10 valleys. I have earned every medal from Cross to Nation (except Wisdom) by doing this. I prefer attacking lvl 10 valleys, but I did earn a Rose from a lvl 8.
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    I am on server 67 and the drop rate is horrible. The only valleys/flats that i really get anything out of is lvl 10's, sometimes I get lucky and get the out of the lvl 8 and 9's. Lakes seem to be the most productive though. I have also gone a few days without finding them and then like yesterday I got 6 higher medals in less than 50 attacks.

    Good luck and it is a hit or miss, but attack the higher lvl valleys.

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    Speaking from my own experience, to hit enough low levels (1-3) I use 1500 scouts, just sending them, no pre-scouting, that way you can hit a good load a day and I have got a rose medal out it.

    I also have got a few medals from sending 30k archers at level 10s, no losses on this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian Lightfoot View Post
    If you are on a newer server (>=55), then the drop rate for medals is only 1%.
    I diasagree - the Higher the valley (ie: more troops needed) the more chance to get one.

    I can hit 10 lvl 10 flats/valleys and get a medal.

    I hit 15-20 lvll 9's and get a medal

    and so on and so forth down the list
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