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Thread: Medal farming guide (server 92)

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    Default Medal farming guide (server 92)

    Ok well this is my first attempt at a guide so bear with me.

    I am currently on server 92, with enough medals to reach the title of prinzessin when i desire it.

    So, to get started your going to want about 100k archers (enough for 4-5 valleys), around 5k cav, some ballistas and some pikeman and swordsmen( for layering)

    First you need to get maximum valleys (i usually have 9 lvl 10 valleys) if you do not just go and capture the lowest level ones near you.

    Begin by scouting as all level 10 valleys around you up to 15 miles away (at compass level 9 will take 31 minutes to reach a valley 15 miles away).

    These are the valleys to look for:

    Any combination of the following:

    • Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen
    • All archers
    • Cavalry with up to 2 units (excluding archers)

    As you scout the valleys write down the coordinates if the valley has any of the desired combinations, with what kind of units are in the valley, as you will need to know this later. Once all the valleys are scouted and the scouts return its time to send out attacks.

    Warrior/Pikeman/Swordsmen valley

    Against the warriors/pikeman/swordsmen i send 25k archers. This may be too many but it will allow you to carry back ALL the resources the valley can drop (as long as you do not conqure it).

    The valley resource drop rates are:

    Lumber: 10x the expierence you earn (so if you get 80k expierence for killing 20k warriors you end up with 800k lumber)

    Iron: 4x the expierence you earn

    Stone: 5x the expierence you earn

    Food: 10x the expierence you earn

    All archer valley

    Against an all archer valley, all you need to do is send cavalry equal to the number of archers and 1 scout.

    Eg: If a valley has 8500 archers, i send 8500 cav.

    Pure cavalry/Cav + 1 unit, Cav + 2 units (excluding archers) valley (See edit at end

    It is possible to attack a valley with cavalry in it, and take small losses (swordsmen and pikemen)

    Firstly you will need to send some ballista along with the attack, so this method is only really viable for valleys up to 5 miles away. Against a flat with cav you need to send at least 1 ballista, 10 pikeman, 10 swordsmen, 1 warrior and archers depending on how many other units accompny the cav.

    For a pure cav valley, i send 15k archers with 10 swordsmen and 10 pikemen and 1 ballista. You will lose the 10 swordsmen and the 10 pikemen.

    For a valley with cavelry and 1 unit or 2 units along with cav you need to send 30k archers plus the above layering.

    What next

    Once you finish sending out all the attacks, record the time that you finish, as this is the time you will use to send out your next attacks.

    Personally i have found that the best way to get medals is to let the valleys fully regenerate (this takes 1 hour). So if i start sending my attacks at 1:00 and i finish at 1:05, i record 1:05. So at 2:05, 1 hour has passed so i will send out another wave of attacks.

    If you did not find enough level 10 valleys to attack, you can scout level 9's and use the same method (you will only need about 15k archers per valley). I did this a few days but i only managed 1 or 2 medals out of 30 from lvl 9's.

    Multi wave attacks

    I do not advise this method, as you will lose alot of archers in the process. I tried this on a level 9 forest to see what happens. You will need a free valley spot in your town hall. Basically you will send at attack at the valley blind, followed by another 8 at 30 second intervals. Your first attack will hit and capture the valley, you then abandon it and wait for the next attack to hit and repeat untill att the attacks finish. I sent out 9 waves of 20k archers, spaced 30 seconds apart at a the lvl 9 forest. I gained 1 honor medal on my first attack and lost about 10k archers in the process (one valley managed to kill 6k, and this is only a lvl 9). Use this method at your own risk, as you will almost definatly lose archers.

    Where to find your medals (This may not be 100% accurate)

    Cross: everywhere - mainly grasslands

    Rose: lvl 10 flats game me the most rose

    Lion: lvl 10 hills gave me the most

    Honor: lvl 10 forests (lvl 9 also seem to drop a decent amount)

    Freedom: not really sure - i seemed to get alot from swamps.

    Wisdom: not sure.

    Courage: Seemed to drop everywhere, got 1 less courage than cross =(

    Nation: Lvl 10 hills game me the most

    Justice: Level 10 swamps and deserts - i got about the same amount from each (i think 2 more from swamps)

    Although these are the best places to find the medals, I think i have got every different medal from every kind of valley.

    The following is an example of my days medal hunting (its a bit messy, all valleys are lvl 10 unless otherwise stated):

    Hit #1 : nation, freedom, cross - (20 hits)

    Hit #2 : justice (swamp), nation (hill), courage (swamp) ? (20 hits)

    Hit #3 : freedom (swamp), nation (swamp lvl 9), rose (forest) ? 25 hits

    Hit #4 : lion (desert) ? 25 hits

    Hit #5 : lion (desert), wisdom (desert), honour (grassland) ? 25 hits

    Hit #6 : courage (swamp), - 25 hits

    Hit #7 : freedom (swamp), honour(forest), cross(grassland), courage(hill), cross(grassland), lion(grassland) ? 25 hits

    Hit #8 : nation (hill), cross (grassland), honour(hill),

    Random test : lvl 9 forest spam 7 ? warrior hit - honor

    Hit #9 : justice (desert), nation(hill), lion (desert), lion(grassland), honour (forest), courage(hill), wisdom(hill)

    Hit #10 : wisdom (desert), justice (desert) , courage (hill)

    As stated above, i hit these at 1 hour intervals.

    So that concludes my guide as to where i found my medals. If there is anything you think i forgot, need to add/tidy or clarify up please let me know.


    A friend from my alliance has been hitting valleys with an intel hero and told me she is getting more medals using intel heros (60+ found from the inn). This may be true, i do not have proof - i am done with medal hunting, but if you do decide to use high intel heros feel free to post here your results compared to normal heros.

    Update 20/1/10

    Ok i have started sending warriors along with my attacks to valleys with cav and it seems it is possible to hit valleys with 4 units (including cav) with warrior losses.

    Also if you are taking some losses try sending some warriors along.

    As you can see from the following screenshot i only sent 1k warriors to the same forest and i lost 1700 archers.

    Currently i am not sure how many warriors you need to send along to get no archer losses so use with caution.


    If you are taking losses with the cav method send 100 warriors along with the pikes and swords.. i took a few random archer losses but now i also send 100 warriors i havent taken any losses since.
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    thanks for the tips! i've used a similar method on server 95 to great success. Your post will open up a lot more valleys for me though, because i've only been attacking no archer + no calv valleys. With your methods against pure archer and pure calv, calv + up to 2 more non archers, it will give me many more valleys to hit. thanks again!

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    i just now u can hit a valley full of archers like that. got 8 medals today
    3 cross medals:twice from flat lvl 9,lake lvl 9
    1 rose medal: hill lvl 10
    2 justice medals: desert lvl 10,flat lvl 9
    1 honor medal: forest lvl 10
    1 wisdom medal: flat lvl 9
    been 3 weeks without any medals,great results today. oh yeah,im on server 112
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    This has helped me out so much I can't even tell you. Thanks bud!

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    what attack does your hero have? wat attack should my hero have in order to do this?

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    Default Guide

    Im on server 92, been looking for medals forever! No luck, until your guide. Thanks for making it! It really helped

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    I got medals by attacking Barbarian's cities. wisdom, freedom and courage medals from level 5 city. honor and lion medals from level 4.

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    Thumbs up

    I'm testing this out on server 74 at the moment. Have yet to find a good guide, and this one looks pretty promising. It's refers to the higher servers...and has visual proof of results.

    It's a well put together guide, and if it works...then I am eternally grateful. So far, I've put together 19 attacks...and landed 3 medals.


    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I know there are a lot of confused people (such as myself) who don't really know a good way to get medals besides purchasing them in shop.

    Thumbs up..and I think if people can post their own proofs (battle report links), then your guide will get a lot more attention.

    I added 2 more links. I spent less than an hour last night farming medals...and in that time I got 2 additional medals. This all being said, I'm considering this a working guide..and will refer anyone I know to this forum post. Thanks a bunch, dude...huge kudos to you.

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    Great guide! I had been doing similar stuff, but avoided cavalry valleys. Thanks for the tips on how to handle these ones!

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    Right after I edited my last post...I checked my logs...and 2 more attacks had landed. Both attacks were using your strategy guide, and both outcomes had medals, proof here:

    Lvl 8 Hill

    Lvl 9 Grassland


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