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Thread: Medal farming guide (server 92)

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    Quote Originally Posted by anujbisen View Post
    Is there any medal guide for server 130??
    Dude I'm using this guide on server 146 so it will work for server 130. I've pulled nearly 60 medals using this guide. All you have to do is put the time in and you'll get all the medals you need.
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    You should try this on a AgeII server.

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    This is the best guide.
    ive used it on multiple servers so it works.

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    Attacking any archer valley with other troops will result in losses. Especially using your own archers. Best way of attacking those valleys is use warriors with 1 archer and scout. This helps give your warriors an extra round to hit the troops without being fired upon. Usual loss is 10k warriors (especially with pike or swords in the mix with archers.)

    Quote Originally Posted by ardee View Post
    Nice guide!

    I'm Prinzezzin the first day the server started!!!
    How can you be prinzessin on the first day? Without spending coin or winning coin?. The tech required for archery takes time, so does building 20 t0 30k archers. Its impossible to do that in ONE day.

    Care to explain how you got to Prinzessin? and which server that was on.
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    Default server 130

    I have an additional theory regarding medal hunting in server 130...

    1. The valleys having combinations other than those mentioned in this thread also give medals.

    2. Target lvl 10 valleys as they have much higher medal drop as compared to lvl 8 or 9.

    3. Most important of all..... target lvl 10 valleys as soon as they turn into a lvl 10 valley ( from a lvl 9 valley)...

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    also a valley defended by a high lvl hero has a higher chance to drop a medal...

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    doesa tis work for lvl 7s? if so what troops do u need?


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