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Thread: 10 NPC (Posted in wrong place before)

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    Wink 10 NPC (Posted in wrong place before)


    Introduction: Ok so here is a very simple guide to conquering a level 10 barb, this was my first and also succesfull attempt. I've done research on level 10 barb's on this forum and evonywiki and alot of other sites, also watched some video's on youtube about it. But i found that all the guides either required to many troops (for example 450k archers) or ballystae (most required 17-19k) so i thought i'd write my own guide for you, im not (yet) an expert on this field but i really think this guide works flawless.

    I conquered a flat next to a level 10, i build a city there. build a level 9 rally spot, feasting hall level 9 and level 6 academy.
    since its 1 mile away my waves only took 3 minutes to attack and return so on to the strategy

    From post at 1 mile away from Lv 10 barb, 6 academy, 9 feast, 9 rally. Army exists out of: 30k warriors and 175k archers ,and the best of all no ballys used
    Techs: 10 Arch, 9 HorseBackRiding, 10 Military Tradition, 10 Iron Working, 10 Compass, 10 Medicin

    1. Send 6x 5k warriors to clear traps

    2. This 2nd link of a wave report at step 3 is what a wave from a level 10 rally without buffs looks like so Either/Or don't Equip War Horn, Corselet (i don't know if Corselet works when you are attacking so apply this if you think it does, i will attack another level 10 without Corselet and check if it makes a difference, to be editted ) and War Ensign, and if you want also penicillin but i haven't used this for this level 10. You do this by going to My Items, underneath Your Account picture in the North-East corner, search for War Horn and Corselet, click on them and Apply, after you've done that you click on the level 10 barb and in the North-West corner of the window that pops up you can just select war assign.

    3. Next you send out 1 big wave with a hero that has a high attack level (mine had 133 att ): 112200 archers, and around 25 of every kind of troop, though it slows your army down, doesn't matter at this point.

    Now, i have succesfully conquered a level 10 from my city wich was a former level 10 barbarian. I only had 1 war ensign left and i thought by myself, if you have the guts you try this without war ensign, so i did. NO War Horn, NO War Ensign, NO Corselet, NO pennicillin. Sending 1k Pikeman, Swordsman and Scouts along should decrease casualties to about 7k or less

    4. Once your 1st wave returned, send out 9 waves. These 9 waves should exist out of:
    1 big one (this is called a spearhead, this wave should exist out of 40k archers
    and 8 small waves of 10k, *rainbow these 9 waves also
    The gap between the waves should be as little time as you need for changing the 4 in 40k archers to 10k archers, that should take about 2 seconds.
    You want to sent this attack so fast after the spearhead because you want your smaller waves to have as much profit of the spearhead. The spearhead clears all the traps, and thus these traps will, pretty fast, regenerate. Thats why nimble-fingeredness is important here, send out those subsequent waves out as fast as you can to warrant them as little resistance as possible. The delay between the waves doesn't affect the loyalty they lower per wave so you might aswell send them out fast. Make sure you act fast because a delay of either 2 or 20 seconds makes the difference between 500 or 2000 archer casualties.
    Here i lost most troops. These first 10 waves, 2k each and at 1st wave 10k, lost 40k archers overall but thats because i was STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT RAINBOW MY FIRST 10 WAVES.
    May the following be clear: always rainbow your first 10 waves remember, big losses cause not rainbowed, with rainbow the losses should decrease dramaticly...

    Now that you have cleared all the defenses that this level 10 has, it is all about timing. Every 5 minutes and 57 seconds this barbarian will spawn 10% of his army and defenses, that means 40k warriors and a couple of traps and AT's. So make sure you time the following step carefully because you don't want your spearhead to hit just before the spawn of his army and the little waves get saddled with the spawn, this can cause some serious damage so either just wait (5min57s - (attack and return time)) or don't care and send waves of 30k archers each, method 2 is probably the best thing to do if you just don't care about a couple more k of archer casualties.

    5. after your first 10 waves you want to send: 40k archers (rainbowed) and the following waves 2-9 will be 10k archers only (losses aprox 500 each) from now on , including this step, you don't have to rainbow anymore. Just watch the time and loyalty drop

    6. Keep op repeating step 5

    7. VICTORY! Your level 10 produces around 360k of food, send over a level 80 politics guy and it produces 570k+...

    8. What to do when level 10 barb. Conquered.

    Send some transporters with a couple mill of food and around 500k gold to your level 10 barb. Because your Archer army that took the level 10 barb and maybe some waves that were send to attack but since the earlier attack took the city, they are now only just reinforcing. This army should apox eat 1M of food an hour so you may want to transport food there so that they don't starve or you can reinforce them back to your army base which you probably have.
    Now this gold thing. The barb you take has loyalty 1. You don't want any foes in the neighborhood to take this city over so easily after your hard work. That's why you are going to comfort. So go to Overview again underneath your picture, make sure you are in your barb city, and you go to Comforting, now select praying. Now the gold comes in handy cause praying is going to cost you 110k gold but its worth to pay because you increase the loyalty with 25 instantly.

    The whole conquering took me 47 minutes, and because of no layers in first 10 waves i lost 45k out of 175k archers, but believe me its all worth it .
    please comment in how i can improve my guide, maybe clear things up know...thank you's and stuff are welcome to, please rate and comment :3

    *What's Rainbow, How to Rainbow (aka Layered) and What i used in my first 10 waves of troops for Rainbow: Rainbow is a proven method that decreases losses although it doesn't really add something to the army, it's kind of a bug. You rainbow by adding a small amount of every troop to your main army, in this case 112k archers. What i used for Rainbow, and i dont need 'ny suggestions for a higher amount, were: 40 Workers, 40 Warriors, 20 Scouts, 20 Pikeman, 20 Swordsman, 40 Cavalry, 20 Transporters and 20 Ballystae. But you dont require to send ballystae, you can as easily just replace them by Cataphracts. Hopefully this clears Stuff up.

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    That's awesome. I just think if you can put the combo of Warriors + Archers to all your waves, you should reduce the loss. I dont know about the limitation of lvl 9 rally spot, so for your first spearhead wave of 112200 archers, you might already spend up to the limit of lvl 9 rally spot. But after that, your wave might consist of: 40k archers, 96k warriors (meatshield), and 1 of others (rainbow). I have tried and found out that with the ratio of 2.4 warrior - 1 archer, you will reduce mostly the loss on archers. Warriors are fast to make, so we dont care about them that much, compared to archers.
    I don't have enough archers and technology to take the lvl 10 NPC yet (and the whole of my server, no one can take a lvl 10 NPC at this time i think). But Im working on it. Thanks for your guide


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