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Thread: The one page guide on farming NPC cities

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    Default The one page guide on farming NPC cities

    People seem to have a hard time getting data out of the longer guides, and a few of the longer guides are wrong (although some aren't), so here is a handy reference that works as of the time of post.

    You can use fewer ballistas than I recommend, but the numbers given are pretty safe. To figure out the number of transporters, look in a real guide, since the number varies based upon your logistics level. Sending some number more than the number of ballistas you send is a good rough estimate.

    Level 1, 2, 3, use 25, 50, 150 ballistas.

    Level 4 have 7+ archery and use 350 ballistas. Do not try with 6 archery.

    Level 5 use 550+ ballistas, a good attack hero (call it 80+), and have one of the following archery/horseback riding level combinations:

    8 archery + 5 horseback riding
    8 archery + 6 horseback riding (good easy choice)
    9 archery + 8 horseback riding
    9 archery + 9 horseback riding
    10 archery + anything

    Do not try with 7 archery, or with any other combination not listed, or you'll lose ballistas even if you send 1000. Especially notice that if you mindlessly go to 8 archery 7 hbr, you have to go 9 archery 8 hbr before you'll stop taking losses. If you want to know why, look in a real guide, otherwise just do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anoxia View Post
    If you want to know why, look in a real guide, otherwise just do it.

    i thought that was kinda funny. but not bad. people will say use less on a level 5.. but overkill never hurt anybody.. except in medal farming.

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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    This got buried but I think it's good enough I'll try one bump. I link it to my alliance. If I link the "theevonywiki" one, which is the best one in terms of accuracy and completeness, I find that they come back to me a few days later and ask why they lost 400 ballistas on a level 4 npc.


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