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Thread: 100 steps for Newbies

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    Exclamation 100 steps for Newbies

    Say for an example sever 127 right you sure it come up really quick Now select that sever and when you make your character Don't do that Flag and city Name
    select a state you wish to go to (for me Romagna) now here comes the following

    1.Build 1-4 Cottages Lv.1
    2.Upgrade the 1-4 Cottages Lv.2
    3.Build 1 Farm Lv.2 1 Sawmill Lv.2 1 Quarry Lv.2 1 Iron Mine Lv.3
    4.Build a Rally Point Lv.1
    5.Build a Barracks Lv.1
    6.Upgrade the Barracks Lv.2
    7.Build a Beacon Tower lv.1
    8.Build a Inn lv.2
    9.Build a Feasting Hall lv.2
    10.Recruit Hero Over 50 politics Lv.1-3
    11.Appoint The Hero as Mayor and rename if you want to
    12.Get the Newbies Package use the Anabis to upgrade Hero
    13.Apply Hero Hunting
    14.Upgrade Beacon Tower to Lv.3
    15.Build a Forge Lv.3
    16.Build a workshop Lv.2
    17.Upgrade Walls Lv.1
    18.Upgrade TH lv.2
    19.Build Academy Lv.1 use Beginner guide lines for quest
    20.Upgrade Walls Lv.2 use Primary guide line for quest
    21.Build a Embassy Lv.1
    22.Once done All researching academy Lv.1 Upgrade it Lv.2 do all researches you can do at Lv.2
    23.Upgrade Forge Lv.4
    24.Upgrade Barracks lv.3
    25.Upgrade Forge Lv.5
    26.Upgrade Inn Lv.3
    27.Upgrade Academy Lv.3 do All researches you can
    28.Upgrade TH Lv.3
    29.Upgrade Walls Lv.3
    30.Upgrade All Cottages Lv.4
    31.Build The rest of the resource fields Farms Sawmills Iron Mines
    32.Upgrade Academy Lv.4 do All researches there and do Military Science Lv.5
    33.Build 4 More Barracks Lv.2
    34.Upgrade the 5 Barracks Lv.5
    35.Build Workers Warriors Scout Pikeman
    Swordsman Archers and Cavalry and Cataphracts if you Can
    36.While there Building Upgrade your Resource Fields All Lv.5
    37.Then Upgrade All Cottages Lv.5
    38.Then Get an Alliance Hopefully top 10 Or Make one
    39.Build Relief Station Lv.1
    40.Upgrade Academy Lv.5 do all researches
    41.Upgrade all Barracks Lv.6
    42.Upgrade All Cottages Lv.6
    43.Build the rest of the Empty spaces Barracks Upgrade them Lv.6
    44.Upgrade All resource fields Lv.6
    45.Upgrade Walls Lv.4
    46.Research Informatics Until Its Lv.10 use speed ups
    47.Then Upgrade TH lv.4
    48.Become Knight and Captain
    49.Research Archery Lv.6 Use Speed ups
    50.Upgrade Walls Lv.5
    51.Upgrade All Cottages Lv.7
    52.Upgrade Beacon Tower Lv.5
    53.Upgrade Rally point Lv.5
    54.Upgrade Market place Lv.3
    55.Upgrade academy Lv.6
    56.Walls Lv.7
    57.Resource fields Lv.7
    58.Upgrade Embassy Lv.4
    59.Upgrade Beacon Tower Lv.7
    60.Walls Lv.8
    61.Upgrade TH Lv.7
    62.Become Baron if you have the medals
    63.Use all Amulets
    64.Take a Break and have a Coffee,Red bull,Beer
    65.OK we are Back
    66.Upgrade Walls Lv.9
    67.Upgrade TH Lv.10 use mic script for that
    68.Upgrade all Barracks Lv.9
    69.Upgrade all Resource Fields Lv.9
    70.Upgrade Rally point Lv.10
    71.Build Archers and Warriors and Cavalry
    72.Upgrade Beacon Tower Lv.9
    73.Upgrade Inn Lv.9
    74.Upgrade Feasting Hall Lv.9
    75.Recruit 8 Heroes Over 70Attack Name them what ever you want
    76.Then start Building Lv.5 NPC's Around you
    77.Upgrade academy Lv.10 Research everything you can
    78.Start Building Transports And Ballistas to Farm the Lv.5 NPC's
    79.Upgrade Relief Station Lv.5
    80.Upgrade Walls Lv.10
    81.Become Furstin if you have the medals
    82.Start Medal Farming so you Can get to Prinzessin
    83.Upgrade stable Lv.10
    84.Upgrade All Cottages Lv.10
    85.Upgrade Market place Lv.9
    86.Upgrade Warehouse Lv.10
    87.Upgrade Beacon Tower Lv.10
    88.Research Everything to Lv.10
    89.Build 10 Traps 1000 Abatis The rest Archer Towers
    90.Upgrade All Barracks Lv.10
    91.Upgrade Forge Lv.10
    92.Demolish Forge Build Barracks Lv.10
    93.Upgrade Workshop Lv.10
    94.Demolish Workshop Build Barracks Lv.10
    95.Build 20k Battering Rams
    96.Send Farming Waves Out to Lv.5 NPC's
    97.Build More Troops what ever you wish
    98.Upgrade Relief Station Lv.1
    99.Upgrade anything Lv.9 Lv.10
    100.Your on your own

    Good Luck-OzJake

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    looks good, step 64

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    i like this guide thumbs up
    I'm telling you this because you don't get it, you think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it. Get it?

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    Default Lol

    Beer,Rebull Make me Feel Better LOL

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    lol #64 is the best
    Age II- na17

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    #64 was the most useful

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    nvm... delete my post

    Quote Originally Posted by WarSimi View Post
    lmao I've never been a quote before . How precious !

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    newbies.. i have 300k prestige and that is a bit above my level.

    haha agreed that #64 is the best!

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    Yeah 64 is when i had one Hehehehe

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    Default < thats a good one as well ^_^
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