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    My army has started getting larger and I have been looking at bigger targets. The few in striking range seem to have large Warrior layers and I was wondering the best way to take them out.


    Me: 200k warriors 50k swords 50k Pike 300k Archers 100k Cav

    The Defense: 1k Workers 100k Warriors 20k swords 20k Pike 120k Archers 3k Cav ~10k ATs ~2k Traps ~1k Abatis

    Both have maxed techs and I may have a slight hero advantage.

    Is this a waste of time and troops?

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    I've asked the same question and got little response. But I think I've worked it out. You are specifically asking how to remove warriors, so I'll just focus on that:

    Once you have removed all the traps, rolling logs, and defensive trebutchets, you want to get rid of troop layers in the defending city. You also want to first kill defending cav and you do that by sending layered attacks of 10K warriors. You might then want to try:
    1K workers
    1K warriors
    1K scouts
    1K pikemen
    1K swordsmen
    20K - 30K archers
    100 cav
    100 cataphracts

    Those waves firstly kill defending layers of swordsmen and pikemen, as these units travel the fastest (FASTER than defending archers), and so move into your archer's range first. After several waves once you have removed those layers you have workers and warriors left, which move SLOWER than defending archers. So what you want to do is stop the defending archers moving forwards so allow the workers and warriors to go upfront and get in your archers' range. The cav layer should hold the defending archers back for one round, the cataphract layer for another round. Then your layers of pikemen and swordsmen would be first units in the defending archer's range, so the defending archers will fire at them (archer units stand still when firing). That should buy you another two rounds. By then defender's warriors and workers should be in your archer's attack range.

    NOTE: Once your pikemen and swordsmen layers are killed, defending archers will move forward once again. Once your archers are in the defending archers' range, the defending archers will focus on the attacking units with the largest range (archers in this case).

    That's the logic behind it. I still need to find an enemy which will cooperate with me (lol) and show me a battle report of one of those attacks, as you tend to not get a report for less than 10%.
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    Yeah I was working with the LoL-exercise tool to see what kind of layers to send but haven't had much luck as its fairly worthless. But should I be taking out the traps/trebs/abatis? If I did that the field would be too small and my archers would just chase the ATs. I may be wrong as I am just learning the mechanics.

    Seems like I just need to send many clearing waves for the layers which will in-turn take out the range setters so my Archer-rainbow or cav/cat-smack will be ready to pound the ATs/remaining archers.


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