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Thread: Missing account / being asked to create a new account

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    hmm somehow i do not believe the official line. Reading the forums the last 10 minutes your idea of a small number needs some rethinking guys. It appears to be a huge number of players unable to connect once again and the only feedback or information we gets is hours after the fact.

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    Default Me neither

    I cannot log in either, it lets me log in but will not pull my server up. Server 38
    EDIT: please include server
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    ALSO ME Server N3 is down and some of my allaince who I have emails from.

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    Default hi

    all i get is oops this link apears to be broken
    and can someone tell me were to find the cashe thing

    i just wanted to know cause i cant find it
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    same here!!!!

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    i went to the link at the top, but it doesn't say what mac users should do

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    me either!

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    Apparently the statement earlier that "if you're on when this went south you're ok" is partially legit. I was on for a while without any problem. Shut down my comp for a few, came back and couldn't get on. Did the clear of folders on Macromedia blah blah blah. No dice.

    So then the wife, who was on evony on her comp this whole time without any trouble, logged off one server to try logging in on mine. No dice and now she can't log back in on that server with her account either. But the other tab she still had opened (dsl starts sucking with too many tabs open) keeps working just fine.

    So if you're on, consider yourself lucky and don't log out. My guess is that as more people log off for whatever reason, the larger the problem will reveal itself to be.
    Our troops die to a typo daily. If they were practicing DEFENSE instead of building DeFence, perhaps cities would not fall so easily.

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    Followed the directions on the sticky and still timing out.

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    This has been going on for me since friday


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