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    Default i had a have a question

    if u have 2 pay for most of the stuff on this game wut is the point of it ik its fun and all but wut is the point i mean isnt there way better AND CHEAPER games...????

    and i meant i have a question....ooops

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    The only thing you HAVE to pay for is to chat in the world channel. That's it. The rest of the "options" available aren't needed to play the game.

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    i heard u have to pay to attack other players too

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    I don't know about "other players" but you don't need to use real money to gain resources or create additional cities (once you qualify - which again requires no extra cash).

    I am a Knight with 2 cities and I have not paid any real money to get there.

    I think it is VERY reasonable if you have to pay to attack other PLAYERS (not NPC's) as this will help regulate people just building huge resources and swamping out players when they are come out of protection (7 days of game play or a L5 Town Hall).


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