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Thread: NPC10 Attack Records (See 1st Post)

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    Cool NPC10 Attack Records (See 1st Post)

    Many of us farm level 10 NPC's ad nauseum to collect the food we need for our armies, and subsequently there are an ungodly number of threads on these forums with hints and tips for how to hit them, and screenshots of success players have achieved.

    In an attempt to collect the best records into a single place, here is a table showing the greatest NPC10 attacks I've seen from these forums, their low archer losses (the focus for this table) as well as the total resource cost post-heal. I'll attempt to keep it up-to-date as the general population improves upon these records, and new players enter the higher echelons. (I have not factored in the gold required to heal troops, or any respect weighting between resources... this is simplistic, and just a bit of fun.)

    I've added in the attack setup for the top 5 hits with the lowest total resource cost.

    If quoting this post, please DO NOT include the image, as it will be updated periodically.

    You might want to keep in mind that low resources is also a goal of a good hit. Any "joke attacks", i.e. those without archers whereby players are simply trying to be first in the respect of low archer losses by not including any archers at all, will not be included here.

    When reporting attacks to me, please include the level and attack of the hero, and whether a war horn and/or Excalibur were used. Also, if you aren't able to screenshot the attack, please use to immortalize the attack in case it takes me several days to verify the attack and include it in these records. thanks Confucious for that tidbit :P

    I've included, and am happy to include, two "sub-5k" records for players whose lowest-archer-losses attack does not represent their lowest-resource-costs attack.

    I'm only adding hits which include enough transports to carry home full resources. For now I'll include war ensign attacks since, from what I've seen, these offer no real advantage compared to high-hero attacks on record.

    While the above table shows efficiency and power, we can't dismiss the value of free items. Twice now I have seen people win four items from a level 10 NPC. The first was by QuickBen, of server N1, losing a lot more archers than usual but scoring 4 items. Now ColinW of server N1 has accomplished the same, but with respectable losses in comparison. Congrats, ColinW. Woot.

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    Nice work an awesome post to put the records into perspective

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    Very good idea for a thread.. Nice work DC
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    nice thread DC..thanks for doing this!

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    very nice work on the table,
    I will post my results fairly soon and
    make my contribution to this table.

    goodjob to everyone trying to crack the code!

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    lol that would be impossible for me to do, but nice work!

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    Cool as always DC

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    as usual very nice work DC

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    +rep for creativity and infraction for disrespect.
    thanks DC and SweetP for the siggy

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    Default nice

    Cmon DC, did you HAVE to put me last? .....pretty cool I made the list, nice idea for a thread, reps for you!

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    Wow, This is good to know. Thanks DC
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