The People requested a step-by-step guide to get 100k prestige before bp ended so here it is:

#1- Build Cottage, and upgrade it to lv.2 (Use amulet from quests if you wish)
#2- Build Farm lv. 1 / Sawmill lv. 1 / Quarry lv. 1 / IronMine lv. 1 (Claim Quests)
#3- Build Inn and Feast Hall (Employ a decent hero 60+ base stat in Int or Pol)
#4- Build Rally and Barracks
#5- Do Administraition Quests (For Resources/Gold)
#6- Build Market
#7- Upgrade TH to lv 2
#8- Build Academy and Upgrade it to lv 3
#9- Research Informatics 1-10 (This May Take a while i suggest u save speed ups from lv 8-10)- (This Should put you on 55k+ Prestige)
While you wait for informatics and after its done,
Build what you wish but still pray and keep your Townhall lv. 2 its worth it,
I suggest starting Military science and archery after Informatics is done

Have Fun and Good luck