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Thread: Vacation Mode / Away Mode "Merged Topic"

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    oh didnt see the evony part....
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    if you go on vacation why dont they say it will cost in game gold say 10000 gold a day and that will be fine with everyone my 20 cents worth

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    Default free

    we need a free vacation mode

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    I agree to put it in use, but you should only be allowed it, like once a month. This game is in urgent need of vacation mode.

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    Yeah they made this and now we pay
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    I voted yes - at the moment it's unlikely I would need it myself but that doesn't mean others don't. And yes it should be free! I very much like what has been proposed here with the cool-down time before and after.
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    Vacation mode should be free, I mean come on. You have to pay money just to take a break off Evony?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karthis View Post
    A player should be able to enter into Vacation Mode, where their kingdom is frozen in time and can't be attacked nor receive any resources. Once a player enters VM, they must remain in it for a certain amount of time (7days?), but can stay as long as they wish. Once out of VM, they must wait for a cool down timer to expire before being allowed to enter VM again (7 days?), to prevent abuse. It would also be a good idea to stick a 24 hour "no attack" period in which the player wanting to enter VM can not attack anyone for 24 hours before VM starts.


    It seems a lot of people either can't read, or don't care to read, what has been posted in the thread already and keep suggesting the same things over and over in this thread. So to reiterate hopefully more clearly:

    1) VM freezes your kingdom's cities in time. There is no production of any sort, all production is frozen where it is at, and nothing can be done to them by any kingdom.
    2) Before going into VM, you must not do anything offensively towards another city for 24 hours (you may still attack valleys).
    3) VM lasts a minimum of 7 days, regardless of whether you want to come back or not.
    4) VM lasts a maximum of 1 month. After this time a kingdom is taken out of VM automatically.
    5) After coming out of VM, you can not enter VM again until 7 full days have passed.
    6) You also can not enter VM if there are any troops or transports (friendly or enemy) on the way to your city.
    7) All of the player's valleys are still susceptible to attack and plunder during VM.
    8) Once entering VM, all garrisoning troops from friendly cities are sent to their respective owner's cities.
    9) Lastly, none of your troops can be outside your cities during VM. All your troops and transports must be accounted for and inside one of your cities (this means no troops on valleys).
    10) Vacation Mode should be 100% FREE. Not 10 cents a day or even 1 penny a day, but FREE.

    I also suggest that entering VM be an autonomous action if the player so chooses. Once a player marks that they wish to enter VM, a timer begins to count down with the remaining time until the player enters VM. Once that time frame has passed, the player is automatically put into VM if all requirements above are met. Should any requirement not be met, the timer will start over at 24 hours (such as if you take offensive action) or simply wait until the requirements are met (such as if your transports from one city to another are on their way home).

    *It has been suggested that instead of having to wait for all enemy troop movements to cease, that the troops currently en route to your city be allowed to attack while you are in VM. This would prevent an enemy from constantly sending units to your city to prevent you from entering VM, which could happen under point 6.

    *At this point in time, I'd like to point your attention towards the idea of the topic: Vacation Mode. It isn't "weekend-getaway" mode or "one-day fishing trip" mode, its Vacation Mode. There is a reason for a frozen account for a minimum of 7 days.


    This is my little rant to the Evony admins:

    Honestly, what the hell (yes, hell) are you doing making players pay to go into Vacation Mode? In NO game that I can think of do you have to pay, however small a price, to use it. Not everyone has the ability to pay for even $1 of online money so they can't protect the account they've worked hard to build. You are not here for your players, you are here to make a fast buck and YES, do take the inferred insult personally. I really don't care if you ban me from your forums. I left a nice, lengthy review on your Facebook app's wall, too. Learn to LISTEN to your user's and do the things they say you should and quit trying to squeeze whatever you can out of them for things that should never cost a dime or even a penny. I'll also continue to tell others on Facebook they shouldn't play Evony because of those reasons. If one day you change and start developing for the user's experience instead of your wallet's growth, I'll take down what I've said (but you will do that for me now won't you?). I hope no one spends any more money of any sort on your game until you fix your act.
    they have holiday mode now so y is this still in the forum?

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    great we can pay to not play... "Evony - free forever (unless you cant play)"
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    Vacation mode has been implimented. Closing thread.

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