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  1. so do you want me to kill him or we could let an NPC kill him or adrian really anyone if you ask em
  2. we need to kill off my character. i cant keep up.
  3. trust me on this thal i went awhile without skype before getting on the ooc skypes
  4. not really.....
  5. well youll need to keep vming with jannge or bro or jurnis too and everyone itll be more of a pain but its better then killing off your character! :P
  6. i cant get skype.
  7. no no no you dont need to do that! trust me its alot better if your with everyone in skype its alot more fun and easier, not saying you cant do it without but its just easier communication is important :P
  8. might as well kill my character off.
  9. if you can you really should do watever you can to get skype its a whole lot easier to communicate ect, like right now Rak and i are setting up a situation that will help my character to stop hating him, it will also help by making sure you never do anyhting out of line and u can know more of what NOT to do with the other players :P
  10. yeah i knew
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