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  1. Okay. That's cool thanks anyway :-P have loved your work in the past figured I'd ask before I murder it myself :-P hope your mojo comes back Austin powers :-P
  2. Sorry JJ I've just been busy and have lost my mojo somewhat. I haven't done any GFx for anyone simply because the activity is so low. It's nothing you've done but I just don't feel in the mood lol
  3. Not even a responce? :-(
  4. Hey Morgan i was wondering if you were a fan of the simpsons? if so can you make me a banner 500 x 110
    with JoshJHuunter in it somewhere. can use any one from the simpsons or anywhere please? avatar too if you can
  5. All done. Hope you likey. Clicky
  6. Your're welcome.
  7. thanks for the Sig!!! love it!!!!
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