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  1. haha i did that on purpose to confuse you.
    A nigga been gone a couple months and they decide to change the looks on him
  2. I.. Am... Confused......
  3. My Uncle always told me im driving a car with no gas. I filled my tank up but the wheels fell off. I didnt give a damn thang I went straight to the post office. I saw a fly honey and i had my... in my hand. French class is hard.
  4. I'm just gonna keep bombing your page since your never here anymore
  5. thanks though brah
  6. cowboyz reminds me too much of the dallas cowboys and i hate the dallas cowboys
  7. Try cowboyz maybe? they're nice people and not to terribly acitve if they're still around.
  8. Lol yeah they prolly wouldn't allow that.
  9. Thanks but i probally wouldnt keep up with it for long. I stay after school to weight lift so id would probably not be logging in everyday
  10. You need to get a work on DM! haha no i could probably find you an old dead account if you really were gonna play on it.
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