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  1. ___,,,,,,
    ,,l,, *;* ,,l,,
    __( . Y . )
    ___) . (
    __( Y )
    so in other words fk u right back? lol
  2. ehh. On second thought, I think I'm too tired and I don't feel good.
  3. I WISH! i think u shud have a word with her, sounds like its gonna be great for me :P
  4. She should manage you with a whip and a chair.
  5. yeah get in line. the queue is huge. ive been tryin for a week now and the only replies i get is "i dont feel good", "my head hurts", "im tired" and "good night"........
  6. You're a bad boy, Awesome. I will have to have a word with Vicky.
  7. but.. its fun to be on a boat with me.. i promise...
  8. It can be "a" boat, so long as its not mine and preferably sailing in the opposite direction.
  9. Im on a boat mutha****a dont u eva forget!
  10. no i like your boat!!!
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