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  1. hey thanks for that rep just noticed it
  2. haha lol yea earlier i saw yall had 100 members but i am in a pretty good alliance myself but the officers are not that chatty so it sucks
  3. Unfortunately no, not at the moment. I can ask when we clean out some inactives, but it's all up to Babe.
  4. dam thats crazy well dont know wut else to say but nice talking to u

    p.s. does ur alliance have room for another player (currently not logged in the server)
  5. Not that many on this server, but on ss9 and s46 about 30 or 40 total.
  6. o alright will ur alliance N ok wutever cant type it has seemed to really been goin great how many alliances have yall put out of bussiness
  7. I've been told it was because he was too mouthy and talked too much crap. I don't know the full story, and to be honest, I don't particularly care. What's done is done, and in the total outcome, things went good for my alliance and OMEGA fell apart due to the ineptitude of its host and command structure.
  8. ok i get it but yea i hope his azz quit and u know how he screwed it up
  9. I got onto ss10 a week or so before the merge and tried to get the top alliances there to ally with us, and he apparently screwed it up. I'd tell you where he is now, but I believe he quit.
  10. wut ruin week of diplo on ss10? ok do u know wut other alliances he is on so i could tell him some stuff
    na jk i dont need that info but i hate him wish he was still playin on ss47
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