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  1. TWINSY!!! <3 be part of my life again
  2. Mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ...sista? twin? where u been!
  4. hahaha hoooray for riots!!
  5. awww lol we miss you! and yea i'm supposed to have started school but with all that's going on here it's indefinitely postponed..looks like i have 2 months off
  6. Twinny!!!!!!!! Just busy now that school started back up
  7. SISTA!
    y i dont see u no mo!
  8. yea i didn't damn and now that i got on u already have it lol I was gonna spread it around and rep u again rofl!
  9. oh maybe no lol, i have 299 rep now hahaha, about to get the 4th then right?
  10. yes you did yay!!!!!!! *chest bumps*
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