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  1. nahh i'm on 154 now 3rd ranked alliance. lost my hero on 151 reinforcing a person who had their loyalty on zero seemed like a set up. EvoGods killed the server regardless killing most alliances in 2 days hard to power train a hero when u got people with a billion troops portin around :P
  2. Nah, I reset a month or so ago... was too boring.

    As for the upkeep calc, the only site besides evolliance I knew that hosted one seems to be down.
  3. yo wats up long time no speak u still play on 151? would u happen to have the calculator for the food bil per hour im to lazy to look for to and figured u would know where to find it. i sat here trying to figure out why i couldnt send u a message and realized i wasnt logged in lol
  4. yea getting pounded on by evogods tho been getting mech hit like every other day lol
  5. You're still on 151 right?
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