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  1. only cuz you were allergic to the rubber whips..i assure ya its all leather no latex..on a side note its stainless steel cuffs and no fur now! all to make ya comfortable in my dungeon

    cheers hun have an awesome birthday!
  2. I'm down with the castle party Although lets not do the dungeon thing again... that got weird.
  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    rum and cake at my castle tonight your place next year?

  4. we sure are tbh you are the first gal ever..another evony october 11th bday that i know of is wikedklown..but he buttugly i rather remember you
  5. What a coincidence! It's not too often you find someone with the same birthday as moi We are a rare breed!
  6. oh hello..just saw you visited my page so returned favour haha..looking at your birthdate..we share same birthday whats the odds on that?? hehe have a good one
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