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  1. Oh... How I miss evony times. Even more now i'm lurking around on these forums. *sigh*
    Hope the new game will be any good :P
  2. Gah, you killed my fridaynight entertainment... *sob*
  3. erm.. me finally returning all the pokes on fb, and I guess a mild case of boredom.
  4. Where did that come from? hahahaha.
  5. I don't like being poked
  6. I have a pretty good idea, however, I'm staff, gotta keep it pro. haha.
  7. wow.. but napster was late 90's? so that's not that long ago right...

    Oh, btw... you guessed wrong. Again. And I thought you were that good huh.
  8. Yup, was a while ago. Hahaha. Back when napster was new and the coolest thing since multipart mime messages.
  9. A didgeridoo.
  10. Well at least you got the first letter right.
    You know what.. i'm having such a good day today, that i will allow you to guess again.
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