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  1. Ok, I'll try posting again.

    (I just assumed all mods could approve posts my bad)
  2. I have no control in that section.
  3. could you approve my post in Filter Problems please?

    Oh, the irony
  4. lol ok then, anyone i can contact? the report button must be broken
  5. You heard wrong then, they don't exist.
  6. I've heard of mythical game mods that ban people for multi-accounting and farming
  7. What game mods?
  8. acer, do you know how to get ahold of any of the game mods? Reporting doesn't seem to help
  9. Could you please remove tipperary's spam off All Around Evony Discussion

    PS Thanks for the blessing
  10. Is there a thread that is general discussion about the game? Like the Kings Bar except about the game? If not can I make one?
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