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  1. yes indeed, feel bad for the supporters, but then again everyone was laughing at liverpool when we were in that position last season.....arsenal dont buy top players, dont pay good wages so if they want to turn things around they need to overhaul how the club is run.
  2. Seriously though, they're in shambles. They're no longer top 4, And any remaining "star" players will probably want out, seeing how they are bottom of the table ..
  3. ah you forget that we beat them 2-0 at the emirates, away from home.....cant wait till they come to anfield ;P
  4. 2 goals is pretty good against arsenal....But I think 8 is much much better
  5. Fair enough Let's just wait until we get to the stadium of light huh ?
  6. lol, and we could of easily won it in the first half as well.....draw was a fair result i reckon
  7. My Sunderland 1 Pool 1.

    We could have easily won it 2nd half
  8. ahhh.... Liverpool will kill em all
  9. Liverpool will be lucky to finish 5th this season
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