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  1. Hey jerk-face, why haven't we played chess?
  2. ok, we will play some day. My skype is justintfranks. Add me and we'll figure it out.
  3. We all prefer playing in person, and yes many people on Yahoo bot. It's annoying.

    I've been using Spark Chess recently. It's an app for google chrome multiplayer chess. It's fun. It's easy.

    There are many ways to play chess on the internet though. So many platforms. Even Skype has a built in chess feature which we could play on. I'm excited to see how quickly you can beat me. I am rusty. You gotta play me.
  4. Hi Rasterbee. I do indeed enjoy playing chess against humans. My only problem is playing on the internet or against a computer. i have joined so many Yahoo Chess groups only to have all the opening moves basically be exactly what a computer would do. Really kills it for me when someone has a chess program opened while playing against me. Not that I am that good or anything. Grandmasters routinely beat me down. It's just that I like to play face to face.
  5. jp, Hi.

    Someone gave me your skype name, or what they said was your skype name because I asked for it because I was reading some old posts and you made a comment about enjoying to play chess.

    I enjoy to play chess too and have played Jurnis, Ghost and Revo...and Skirata but he's terrible. I know I have done nothing but annoy you in the past but would you be interested in playing a chess match against me sometime?

    It would be very much fun.
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