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  1. Hey there bro-ham.
  2. I'm hiding behind aliases now huh? Wonderful....
    Good lord JP how did you not realize that was me?
    Do you need my long form birth certificate to prove that's my name, Mr. Trump?
  3. For the record, you were only in one Skype group, and it was dominated by Age II players, most of whom were disgruntled, and the addition of Zero didn't help much.

    All the other Evony related ones rarely touch on the subject of Evony, but that's probably because it's mainly for the forums lol.

    The only Evony Game related one with people not in my alliance I'm in has discussions about battle mechanics and pretty much nothing else, unless somebody decides to complain about their target running.
  4. Please stop with the SEEFA stuff.

    It's getting slightly annoying, and I don't think I'm the only one.
  5. My info is on every post I make, but here:

  6. Yeah, I got skype. Send me your info and I'll add you as a contact.
  7. So I heard you got skype
  8. Ok, thanks for the info Acer. I will remove zero from my ignore list. I trust you in that you said they ar not an alt.
  9. Just an FYI, Zero is nobody's alt. Ask a mod for proof if you want.
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