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  1. Yeah, its always the way. You can wait for weeks and never get attacked, but if your offline for 6 hours BAM youve been hit 25 times in 7 citys lmao

    now if olny the forums would get a little of the life it once had.... a man can dream

  2. First time I decide to not login for a few days since coming back, and I come on to find a massacre.
    Go Figure.
    Looks like you had some fun over the weekend though
    It's nice to see the server actually being active.
  3. I saw your acc lost a few citys the other day. Don't worry, i got them back:

    First scout:

    Last hit:

    Best hit in the set:
  4. Oh congrats on getting hitched! cause i think i forgot to say it when it happened :P
  5. yep waaaay to cold for ssf lmao winter and i don't get along (Thank god its summer right now lol)
  6. Haha No it is not the North Pole.
    I live in Anchorage, which is about 600 miles from the Arctic Circle.
    Same state though, so credit there
  7. Yeah Never seen snow, It does snow on mountains here sometimes, but im not going to drive for 2-4 hours to see the crap just to get cold, when i can be cold at home lmao. Its snowed in my hometown once in history. Lol.

    Oh i thought that far north was like the north pole or something

    Yeah would have been great to find out. twas hilarious at the time tho
  8. You..have NEVER seen snow?! O.o
    But no, it's not snow year round. Only like.. 9 months out of the year lol.
    The summers are gorgeous though. 3 wonderful months of hiking and fishing.

    I'm still insanely curious, even after all these years, who "E.T" was!!
  9. oh so are we loving all the snow? I mean isnt it like snow all year round there or something (Ive never seen snow, so i really dont know)

    I wonder what ever happened to "ET" lol
  10. Well, maybe, if you're lucky, I'll keep you company on the forums
    I'm doing well. Doing my annual pop in and see how it's going lol.
    Still living in Alaska for another year and a half, UGHHH.
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