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  1. What age 1 servers are you on or have you played?
  2. Yeah age 2 mechanics are a bit different because of split damage. So its hard to differentiate the mechanics sometimes. Things that will work on age 2 don't work on age 1 and vice versa. I can honestly say with the exception of WolfgangMA, I have never met anyone on Age 2 that understand the mechanics on even close to the same level as I do. And that's because no one takes the time to learn them. That is also why I still play age 1. I like playing against people that actually have a clue what to do and not just spam 99500 arch 500 cav at me all day and wonder why they are getting 10 xp per wave.
  3. Thats all good. il never claim to be anything in age 2. the fact you're interested in the puzzle at all puts you ahead of most that claim greatness. Sure its not likely anyone will come across that situation but knowing mechanics on that level allows you to make much better on the fly calls as to what needs to be sent with out needing to dxcalc. Reading odd reports and being able to quickly and effectively work out what happened.... blah blah blah
  4. I haven't worked on it too terribly much. It was like 4 am when i first tried it. I was able to 3 hit solve it fairly easily. now i'm down to like 2 1/2 hits if you can call it that, my 3rd wave doesn't even have to be a full 125k wave to clear it. I never claimed to be the best on age 1 at pvp. I know the mechanics. But i'm out of practice at applying them :P
  5. How is that puzzle coming along bud? Lol
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