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  1. Well if that's how you feel I guess it wasn't as good as you thought it was!!
  2. look dont start this now, we have been doing so good lately, I just asked for some damn milk, if you cant do it fine, but dont make a big deal out of this
  3. wth do I look like to you picking up some milk ?
    I'd only do it if it was for your cat
  4. could you pick up some milk for tomorrow?
  5. LOL. okay, okay.
    Maybe we'll make an exception this time. But, please, control your drinking.
  6. look you know that was Julius's fault that fool is always trying to talk me into something besides we were drunk and who doesnt sing Fireflies at the top of their lungs when they are drunk?
  7. Sorry but you kind of embarrassed us... we're not going anywhere with you anymore.
  8. ive been thinking we need to give Jill and Dave a call, its been what 6-7 months since we did that thing in Tahiti?
  9. HAH! You always did know how to make me laugh
  10. It is ok, one leaves and I get 2 more

    plenty of fish in the sea
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