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  1. Are you still active on Evony?
  2. Happy bday bud
  3. No probs great job.

    Thank you
  4. Okay I will get to that this week.

    I'm not too sure about the orange banner. I'll try darker colours to see if they look better...

    Will keep you updated as and when.
  5. I think medievel theme

    And the title rank up the same as on vbulletin

    Not sure about title names though
  6. Oh and add me on Skype
  7. You haven't spoken to me in a while what you would like on the forum so I have just been doing things to my taste.

    I am in the process of re-editing the whole CSS of the site. I have already changed the background and the navigation. My next step is to contact Morgan to arrange the "ranks" or "titles" of the forum. I need to know from you, what you want the ranks to be named, how many posts a members has to have before getting a new rank and how these ranks will look.

    Thank, ProX.
  8. Done it works
  9. Can you PM me on when you get a changce. Need to see if the new messaging system is working...

    You head programmer now i expect you tosort that reputation thingy out hehe You can work with CSS code now. Just update us what fixes you done

    Thank you
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