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  1. Auguest/September Later Summer Time
  2. Maybe.. When does it open ?
  3. U still Up for Na45 right?
  4. Requirements to join if they havent joined on from the forums

    There highest title - Furstin or higher
    If they have completed the Queen/King Quest - Yes
    And if they have held HH's/HC's - It can be either or
    We'll start making requirements again after day 2
  5. So

    I havent been mailed about requirment so what are they?

    Like expenice
  6. ill be a vh or pres

    Info needed for what i will do and info about the other vh or vhs
  7. I have added you on FB already Evony Angel correct ?
    If not my email for Na39 is -
  8. Do u have a facebook?
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