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  1. omg i cant start over again lol
    i have instant walls and instant pults on ss38.if i quit ss38 im quitting evony lol
  2. You need to start on a new server..164 is kinda new you should join lol
  3. yeah.server needs a merge soon thou.many people quit :/
  4. I'm on s164...You still on ss38?
  5. damnit...u still around?what server you playing now?
  6. hey mail me ingame at wOOzY
    i will set u up
  7. I still have Mrs.Tavos I logged in yesterday but I couldn't find an alliance and it takes so long to build up figure I might as well start fresh at least everyone on 152 is fairly little lol
  8. im pretty good too!Still on ss38.Why dont you come over?
  9. I quit for a while just couldn't handle all the farming, working, and taking care of the kids. I just started back on new server 152. How you been?
  10. tackyyy.where have you been?lol
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