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  1. lol I am just as bad
  2. hehe ya trueee
  3. can't take a mexican away from his crack :P
  4. PREDATOR i goin to came back in 2 weeks again to this evil gamee lol sooo i i goin to need resourcee pls and thankss lol
  5. bring it bish so what allaince you in?
  6. WOWW pc woww u are like my bro and u talk mee like this wow DIEEEEEEEEEEE I GOIN TO TAKE U CITYYY AND U ARE GOIN TO CRYYYY hahahaah :P
  7. sayyy whatttt im backkk ima back and readyyy TO GIVE UU WARRR lol
  8. lol your mexican ass can't even beat the border gaurds let alone me :P jk
  9. Cool ya I quit but I goin to came back only to attack u and take u city lvl 10 muahahahaaa u have 3 weeks to build troops Aussie lol
  10. Ya not bad. you quit right? again? lol
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